Yacine & the Oriental Groove – Usafir

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Yacine is the leader of Yacine & The Oriental Groove together with the Greek lute of Yannis Papaionnaou. Rounding out the band tere are the turquish saxophonist Ertoruk, the Algerian amazic Massinissa Aït-Ahmed playing the bass and the guitar and Dani Clavera at the drums. The band has released two records and in 2016 they present their third album “Mediterra Clash” with Satelite K.
Yacine & The Oriental Groove has found the way to move musically between two cultures with more naturally and escaping from tags and tricks. They shine in their concerts which are energetic, surround and pure adrenaline. It’s the place where you can enjoy the band at its purest.They have shown it as well in more than 200 concerts during 2010 in countries of Catalonia, Spain, France, Holland, Hungary, Algeria and Canada.
Here and anywhere music,electronic music but also Algerian folk, occidental pop, funk and Greece melodies that create a landscape of distant sounds and at the same time close sounds where the easy speeches have no place, nor the already exhausted topics on multiculturalism