Yes – 1971-10-03 – Sounding Out – Pro Shot Video

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Hi all! What we have here is an amazing rebroadcast of a 20 minute long documentary about the band Yes, made in late 1971. It features wonderful live video and audio of classic yes songs, such as "Yours is No Disgrace", "Heart Of The Sunrise", "Perpetual Change" and much more, all of which was taken at their show in Hemel Hampstead on October 3rd, 1971. It also features many great interviews with all 4 band members on many different topics. Overall a must have video for all fans of the classic yes lineup


P.S. - Original file info is a little lackluster, so I apologise about that. This DVD is also in NTSC format!

-------------------Original file info---------------------

1.01 Introduction by Glenn Tillbrook (BBC Crown Jewels)
1.02 Long Distance Runaround
1.03 Interview #1: Jon Anderson
1.04 Your Move
1.05 Interview #2: Jon Anderson
1.06 Perpetual Change
1.07 Interview #3: Bill Bruford
1.08 Perpetual Change
1.09 Interview #4: Bill Bruford
1.10 The Fish
1.11 Interview #5: Bill Bruford
1.12 Long Distance Runaround
1.13 Heart Of The Sunrise
1.14 Interview #6: Chris Squire
1.15 Heart Of The Sunrise
1.16 Interview #7: Rick Wakeman
1.17 Long Distance Runaround
1.18 Interview #8: Steve Howe
1.19 Mood For A Day
1.20 Interview #9: Steve Howe
1.21 Yours Is No Disgrace
1.22 Interview #10: Bill Bruford & Jon Anderson
1.23 Yours Is No Disgrace

Thanks to jasonritter7 for sharing the video!